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Tuning auto, sale/setting of autoglasses

"KMP BLITS " is the biggest production and commercial enterprise of Vinnitsa region.

The founder and the director of the "KMP BLITS" is Vyacheslav Ivanovich Leontyev, who has started his business as a private owner selling automobile glass in 1991. Ukraine was in a hard economical period of formation new marketing relations, but the business could stand, became strong and it became the leader in the region soon afterwards.

By 2000, the accumulative potential, business relations, the perfect knowledge of automobile market and the desire to develop more and more were the impetus to found more global business structure - "KMP BLITS", that is creating new production ways, such as re-equipment of minibuses, production of automobile seats and automobile tuning.

But the basic kind of the enterprise work remains selling and equipment of automobile glass, because the trade assortment has expanded due to the whole-sale positions. In 2000 the company "DORAGLASS", which is the leader of Turkish production of automobile glass, became the official partner of the "KMP BLITS".

Today the enterprise delivers automobile glass to the markets of Russia, Byelorussia, Moldova and other CIS countries. It the leader of the whole-sale market of automobile glass in Ukraine. We propose our customers the widest choice of different configurations and models of glass, the number of which is more than 3000 positions (we have them in our ware-house).

The second very important part of the enterprise work is production of the passenger and the load-passenger minibuses from the load-trucks.

The specialized production-service center creates the re-equipment those transportation means on the highest European level, that is why we have numerous orders not only from Ukraine, but from the other foreign countries. The staff of the center has the highest European level of qualification and has regular retraining in Europe.

We have a production department for re-equipment the transportation means with qualitative automobile seats. Nowadays this kind of work is developing with success having more and more orders, turning from the accompanying to separate commercial direction on the basis of which we plan to open full production enterprise.

Today the "KMP BLITS" proposes a popular kind of creative and technical revision of the car - outer and inner tuning. We remain the speed of time with the desire to propose various and modern service to the owners of the cars.

And it is absolutely not all what our enterprise is able to propose to the market.

Welcome to business collaboraton!

Proposal is hotter

Making of autoseats, covers tourist folding arm-chairs auto, and autosofas.

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При выполнении работ по тюнингу на сумму от 10 тыс. Евро, комплект 15" дюймовых литых дисков в подарок



Распродажа шлемoв компании "Suоmy". Скидка 20%, количество шлемoв ограничено!

We propose

We offer: autoglass, re-equipment of salon, tuning.

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